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Art school Weißensee Berlin (DE)

8. februāris, 2011. Autors: designBlog

Berlin Weissensee Art school Weißensee Berlin (DE)

Sven Neitzel, visual communication
Art school Weißensee Berlin, Germany

1. The time of your studies?
2004 – 2010

2. What exactly did you study there, and what other possibilities does the school offer?
I studied visual communication
other departments are:
fashion, sculpture, stage design, textile design, product design

3. Why did you choose this school?
Weißensee it is one of Germany’s best school for graphic-design and illustration.
For me  Berlin also was big reason to come there. The culture and urban scene has influenced me and my studies tremendously.

4. Name 3 things you liked there.
1. it is small, that’s why you have a lot of contact to the teachers and students
2. you have great workspace there and a nice silkscreen workroom
3. the school has large contacts to other schools

5. 3 things that could be improved?

1. the meals in the cafeteria
2. the exchange between the different departments
3. more public relations

6. Which schools would you recommend to other designers?
in Germany it would be: Art school Weißensee Berlin, Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, School of Art Leipzig and School of Art Düsseldorf

7. What is the language of study?

8. How much does it cost per year?
per semester it is 250Euro, so in one study year 500euro

9. What do you need to get in?

good work and a great personality, nothing more

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