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University of Hertfordshire (RU/UK)

7. februāris, 2011. Autors: designBlog

univerity of Hertfordshire University of Hertfordshire (RU/UK)

Anatoly Vyalikh, graphic design/illustration
University of Hertfordshire (

1. The time of your studies?
Particularly in the University of Hertfordshire I have started studying in September 2010, but previously I have studied in its official branch in Moscow – British Higher School of Art & Design, so from 2007 till now.
Also currently I am thinking about getting MA degree there, but online, from the distance.

2. What exactly did you study there, and what other possibilities does the school offer?

University of Hertfordshire is one on the biggest universities in this part of the United Kingdom. University offers 5 faculties: Business School, Faculty if Science, Engineering and Creative Arts, Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, Humanities, Law and Education and Computer Science. That is why t the same time here study more than 24 000 students.
I study on Creative Arts faculty on BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration course. This course includes a lot of different modules, for example Critical and Cultural Studies, during which you need to write 6 000 words dissertation, some modules with competition briefs, etc..

3. Why did you choose this school?
It was rather difficult story and I even don’t remember all details. First I came to Moscow, before previous year there was possibility to study only until Level 2, that is why in order to get Bachelor’s degree, I’ve moved to the United Kingdom.
And I am happy that I do not need to study in Moscow more =)

4. Name 3 things you liked there.
1. Hatfield, small city where the university is located, is very quiet place, so nothing disturbs you from studying, but if you want you can get to London in 30 minutes time by train or in 1 hour by bus. Also university of Hertfordshire owns its personal bus service, and there is even one bus line between two university parts which is free for students, buses go very often, so it is very convenient.
2. Graphic Design and Illustration course offers huge variety of projects and master classes, including some with famous designers, it helps to develop all kind of skills.
3. While walking in the city at night you can meet foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels and rabbits, so nice mood is guaranteed.

5. 3 things that could be improved?
1. Tutors don’t give enough critics. It seems that critics are prohibited there.
2. On BA (Hons) course there only 2-3 tutorials per week.
3. The weather in this part of Britain is mostly foggy and monotonous, without real autumn and winter. British January reminds Latvian April with smoke of burned leaves in the air, green grass and windy but not very cold weather.

6. Which schools would you recommend to other designers?

To my mind where you have studied is not the most important aspect, more important is personal motivation and self-improvement
But I heard that Aalto University in Helsinki is good and also some Swedish schools.

7. What is the language of study?

8. How much does it cost per year?
It’s 3 290 pounds per year, but for European Union students there are possibility to apply for loan, which means that you only need to give money back, when you will officially earn 15 000 pounds per year.

9. What do you need to get in?
IELTS Certificate, with grade no lower than 6.0, portfolio, etc.
Other details you may find here

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