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PETPUNK / 10 + 10

21. aprīlis, 2009. Autors: designBlog

1717 475x356 PETPUNK / 10 + 10

Otrajā intervijā Petpunk — lietuviešu duo, kas sastāv no Gediminas Šiaulys un Andrius Kirvela. Viņi parasti sastopami Viļņā. Petpunk darbi ir izrādīti Print magazine, Stash, Young Europe designers un citur. Gediminas ilustrācijas redzētas arī Baltijas ilustratoru izstādē ‘Trīs mazās māsas’ Rīgā. Intervija šoreiz angliski.

1. I read a lot about PetPunk in internet, and what I see is motion, design, illustration… could you please explain — who are you and what do you do?
We are just two guys, that want to make their everyday life more interesting. The best thing is to create something. No matter what and for whom. Media also comes with a process. We just try not to limit ourselves with any tools or concepts.
So basically what we do we create stuff, no matter what we need for it to be created – motion, design, illustration, ceramics etc.

2. How it is to be a designer in Lithuania?
Great. It’s not a big country so it’s easier to be a leader :)))

3. Is there something you could call Lithuanian design?
Wooden crosses and PetPunk.

4. What you do when you are not making visual stuff?
Gediminas plays with his daughter Ursula.
Andrius watches TV.

5. How to be a good designer?
The thing is that you are a good designer already, just be honest to yourself, do what you like to do. Don’t follow mainstream. Don’t imitate. Look deeper into yourself – true things are there waiting for you to pick them up.

6. What do you do when you’re stuck?
We let our selves to be stucked.  Listen to music to catch a mood, or just go home as good things comes another day.

7. 3 things what you really like and would recommend to others.
Animations by Vladislav Starevich.
Music by Fused Marc.
Linocuts by Aurimas Šandaris.

8. When you do something there always is a starting point and kind of end, when the work is done. Could you please describe what’s in the middle? And which part do you like the most?
The best part is beginning, because you are full of energy and naive will, that this work will be great.
The middle is about diving in the process and being overflowed by idea.
The end is stressful and disappointing.

9. What’s important in design process? What’s important in general?
In the process it’s important not to be afraid to trash everything what’s done and start over. Not to limit yourself in any way. In general the result is not important, but if you had great time doing it – it’s priceless. And in a very very general the design is not important, the most important is if you are happy.

10. Where the world is going? And what are your plans?
The world is going to have cold shower, and after it’s going to be SO FRESH! SO CLEAN!
Gonna be great time. And our plans is to try ourselves in another disciplines.

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